The international magazine from Dutch soil – Foam

A photography magazine with high-quality graphic design, well thought out different paper types and interviews in the field of photography. And yes, this means we're talking about the Foam Magazine. An international magazine of Dutch origin of which many Dutch people can be proud.

Three times a year the Foam Magazine is published with a specific theme. Every publication has 288 pages where, page by page, you are flooded with love for photography. From documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical and with world-famous photographers as unknown up-and-coming talent: Foam Magazine truly serves as a platform for all kinds of photography.

#52 talent issue

The upcoming issue of Foam Magazine #52 has everything to do with: talent. Last September, Foam proudly presented the names of the twenty emerging artists whose work is on display.

A magazine that connects an international network of photographers, photography enthusiasts and professionals available worldwide – Foam Magazine.