Love for beautiful books – Mendo

A book lover's candy shop located in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Amsterdam is Mendo. An inspiring flagship store where you'll be overwhelmed by love for books. A bookstore, made of books.

Just by visiting this bookstore you no longer want to go home. The walls of the shop are not made of bricks, but of thousands of black Mendo books. This brilliant idea was conceived by the architectural firm Concrete Architectural Associates.

“Today, people are experiencing an information overload. Having an opinion, and creating a personal identity isn’t actually all that easy anymore.”


Mendo is all about reading and above all, about observing. We like that. You will have a stylish piece of literature that fits in every home with Mendo’s coffee table books . You can rest assured that Mendo has selected the most relevant books for you with topics on fashion, photography, interior design and lifestyle. They’re also known for their unique limited edition collector’s editions.

All in all the place to be for beautiful coffee table books in all shapes and sizes. Each and every one is fabulous – from fashion designers to the story of Vincent van Gogh, you’ll find it at Mendo.