Quality and character – De Sede

When it comes to furniture, we're caught up in a constant search for quality, character and timeless design. The purchase of a design is more than merely a snapshot. It's about looking ahead into the future, thinking about the developments of time and adapting your personal taste.


There are few who are able to create a design that stands the test of time, therefore still containing charm without weakening for a even a moment. Timeless design is design that survives. At DSTRCT, we experience those aspects as essential and with that in mind, we are constantly looking for the best items.


An example of such a design is De Sede’s Snake Sofa. The design is seemingly characterized by the 70’s, but it is precisely the power of repetition that is well expressed here. Such a design does not look out of place in a contemporary, well thought-out interior. In 100 years’ time, we’ll be able to repeat that statement.

It is the combination of form, material and finish that gives a design its strength. If everything is right, the end result is extremely unique, but can be used in virtually any time and in any situation. That’ s the power of good design.