A visit to the Yves Saint Laurent museum

If you are in Marrakech, a visit to the Yves Saint Laurent museum is a must. A brick mastodon without windows and only one door, designed by the French architectural studio KO.

An impressive terracotta, terrazzo and brick mix. The cube-shaped building is decorated with bricks that create a pattern that resembles threads. These bold shapes and details are characteristic of the work of Yves Saint Laurent.

Dan Glasser

Dan Glasser

For Saint Laurent, Marrakesh was the city where he preferred to spend all of his time. Surrounded by colours, smells, stalls and new impressions. He bought a cobalt blue villa here and turned it into his holiday home. This place became more than just a holiday spot, it was a life-changer for his collection.

“Marrakech taught me color”
Yves Saint Laurent

Particularly in terms of color. “Marrakech taught me color, before Marrakech everything was black,” Saint Laurent said. This chaotic city has ensured that its dark collections have blossomed into the most colourful creations. This is where he really discovered his color palette.

Reginald Gray

The museum exhibits some thousand items from Saint Laurent’s collections. The dark walls in the museum symbolise his dark collections from the past. Combined with its colorful collections of couture, accessories, sketches and photos, it’s a feast for your senses.

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