DSTRCT’S inspiration: Pierre Yovanovitch

Extreme luxury combined with subtle restraint. This is how the work of interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch is described. The strength of his work lies not so much in the fuss of the outward appearance, but in the architectural characteristics that are strongly expressed in his designs.

Yovanovitch’s portfolio ranges from a 5-star hotel in the heart of Paris, a 17th-century Chateau in Provence to high-end apartments in New York. Everything is characterised by its well thought-out design. Vigorous because of the architectural aspects that are dominant, without highlighting one extreme element above others.

By using a general sobriety Yovanovitch knows how to put any interior together in a very powerful way. He alternates traditional materials such as wood, stone, marble and steel with subtle lines and light as a detail.

Powerful through bundling, without forcing it.

Each element in his design reinforces the other, a harmonious combination of elements that each contribute the same essence to the overall picture. Powerful through bundling, without forcing it.