The beauty of transience – Wabi sabi

For centuries, the Japanese have been known for their unique approach to philosophy of life, but also to design. The Wabi Sabi style is one of the most comprehensive style expressions that can be found both in the design of your personal life and that of your surroundings.

Cerruti Draime

Wabi Sabi is very ‘normal’ for the Japanese and yet it is often difficult to describe. A random Japanese person will have difficulty trying to explain how you ought to follow this way of life, as he or she doesn’t know any better. There are no concrete guidelines, but some characteristics of the Wabi Sabi style are: the omission of things, the beauty of imperfection and the power of transience.

Nikolas Koenig

Heidi Lerkenfeldt

The beauty of transience and the desire for melancholy and platinum.

It is precisely this philosophy that is increasingly reflected in literature, art and design. The imperfection of forms, working with various structures and shapes and asymmetrical patterns can be attributed to the Wabi Sabi style. A style that creates some sobriety, but at the same time leaves room for interpretation.

Axel Vervoordt